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Share your stories and information through your blog

You would like to join? Share your conversion, some pictures and lines about a short trip, or a whole report about a travel that lasted more than one day? Or just share some information about you and your YBR? Or help in translating the site? No problem.

In contrast to the well known blogs or portal websites the process to publish information is a little different here.

Concept of a moderated blog

The concept of this site is, that all articles are editorially processed by the operator of this website. Therefore, there is no way to log in, or upload pictures on this page.

The data that you want to publish has to be sent via e-mail to the operator of the site. He prepares the data and sends the author a preview prior to final publication. If the author gives his approval to the data, the blog entry will be unlocked and can be accessed by all visitors to the site. In the same step the operator of this website translates the content to german language. Hopefully other people will help translating the content of the blogs to their mother tounge, providing a clean text (way better than the also available google translation).

text and pictures sent by e-mail
content published by the website owner processing by the website owner
arrow arrow
confirmation by the author arrow preview link being sent to the author

There is the tiny disadvantage that it always takes a little time with the release of the contributions. But this is necessary to simultaneously monitor the quality of the contributions and to comply the laws for the operation of a website.

I would like to publish something, but how?

To create a blog a few data ist required. You should include the following information in the first e-mail to the website operator:
Required data
Nickname A pseudonym, under what your stories will be published. It is also possible to use your real name, of course. Please review the other blogs before choosing your name. Maybe somebody else already got a blog with that pseudonym.
E-mail address for contact The specification of an e-mail address which is displayed on the site is mandatory (due to law restrictions). This will enable visitors of the site to appeal directly to the author if they have questions about a manual, etc.

For persons, that rather do not like to publish their private e-mail address, I offer the service to provide a redirection. The website will show an e-mail adress like "" while your private adress will not be shown to anybody.
The HTML code for the e-mail adresses are automatically encrypted by the system. Thererfore the so-called "spambots" that try to collect the e-mail addresses on website are not able to find them in the HTML code. The operator of this website has repeatedly published his own e-mail adresses since 2007 unsing that HTML code encryption. The result: Not even a single spam mail so far. So it seems to be working very fine.
Additional information such as how long you own the license class A1 (or now class A2) – if you live in europe –, which model of the YBR you call your own and which bike you currently ride ist certainly interesting but not mandatory information:
Optional information
model of your YBR Model (E, ED, custom, 125cc, 250cc, etc.); month and year since you own your YBR and -- if you have already sold ist -- the month and year you sold it.
Besitzer der Klasse A1 Month and year of your license acquisition. Additions to decribe the (european) classes are possible, of course. If you live in a non-european country, you can provide the information that matches your country's licence class.
currently owned bike A short description of the bike you own/ride right now. On this website owners of other bikes are welcome. Regardless of whether they have owned a YBR or not. Who wants to contribute something to this page, is always welcome.
Other possible, but also non-obligatory information for their own presentation are:
Other optional information
instant messenger Whether ICQ, MSN or other instant messenger, if the author wants to share that information, the contact data can also be released.
link to your own website If you own a own website or weblog, a link to those pages can be added. The prerequisite is that the site does not offer pornographic, hateful or violent content. In case that you have more than one website or weblog, multiple links are possible.
links to »social network« profiles Links to separate pages, the so-called "social networks" like myspace or facebook and services like twitter, delicious and digg, may also be integrated.
about you Also on voluntary base the author can specify private data such as his place of residence, date of birth and his complete real name. To publish further detailed information, such as the address, telephone numbers, the vin of the own machine is not recommended.
The information given will be displayed as a "calling card" at the bottom of each blog post. As an example how your card could look like, here is the "calling card" of the website operator:
About the author of this page
Avatar Martin »X_FISH« Schmidt
e-mail: lqTyhDUyvpzMlMKIhYzEyoJS
YBR 125 owner since 05.2009 till 07.2011
driver's licence since 07.2011 (A), 08.2009 (A1), 10.1993 (B)
current motorcycle: '95 Yamaha XJ 600 S / '97 Suzuki GSF 1200
additional information: blog startpage

As the avatar image you can use an image from your own machine or from yourself. The pictures will be processed by the website operator and adjusted to 125x125 pixels.

So much information... Can I get that at a glance?

Yes you can. Simply use the prepared text block for your e-mail:
*** mandatory information ***

e-mail address:

*** »nice to know« ***

my YBR (construction year, cc, modell, since month/year):
drivers licence since:
current bike (construction year, cc, manufacturer, model):

*** additional information ***

instant messenger:
social networking:
other optional information:
Copy and complete the text block and then send it to me:

Creative Commons

The given information (graphs, pictures and text) is being published under the Creative Commons license.

You may be use the data matching the following Creative Commons license: Attribution with no editing.

Creative Commons

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