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In the end of september 2010
In the end of september 2010
My YBR 125 is a YBR 125 Custom from '09. I have already made some modifications like the additional chrome and installed a light bar with two halogen spots. Not to forget the RAF eagle on the front fender.

I want to turn my YBR into a show bike and therefore I will add some more things and change some parts in the future.

The odometer of my YBR Custom that same day
The odometer of my YBR Custom that same day
The two additional marker lights and the L sign
The two additional marker lights and the L sign

For those of you that do not know about the system with the »L plates« here in the UK a few lines how it works.

When you want to ride a motorcycle in the UK the first step is to do a days course on what they call a CBT (»compulsory basic training«). This is done by the ministry of transport and they decide if you are safe and confident enough to drive on public roads. If you pass the test then you will get a certificate (the »certificate of completion« DL 196) which must be carried at all times together with your car licence.

For riding motorcycles as a learner the DL196 remains valid for two years. Once you have your certificate you are advised to take additional training to pass your theory and practical tests and qualify for a motorcycle or moped licence.

The prohibitions are that you can ride the bike anywhere except on motorways and you must not carry a passenger unless they have a full motorbike licence.
More information about the CBT can be found here: - About compulsory basic training.

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