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Send photos

How to send large pictures

One goal of this website is to publish good pictures at a resolution of at least 1024x768 at So it makes sense to send in images in that or any higher resolution for publication.

However, the problem that the data by e-mail or Instant Messenger (like ICQ or MSN does not) can be successfully transferred arises frequently. Especially when using web mailers »timeouts« happen very often. The connection is being aborted during the upload process.

But this does not mean that you can not participate. If you got problems sending pictures, the operator of can set up a temporary access for uploading using a ftp server.

The upload is very simple. It simply requires a ftp client only.

A free ftp client is Filezilla. You can find the client on the official website There is also a server (for Microsoft Windows only), but you only need to download the ftp client.

DeeplinkConnect to the server

Simply install the ftp client like any other software and start it. You will see a window that is divided in several areas.

On top of the window you will see the the line that is used to establish a connection:

Filezilla Client

Of course you need the values to establish a connection to the server. You will get the information after requesting it from the website operator. The contact information can be found on this page. You will recieve the three values: the server address, your username and password.

After you have inserted the values the connection should be established. The field »port« does not need to have a value as Filezilla automatically uses the default port (21).

Filezilla ClientBy the way Filezilla comes with a many languages.

I switched to english for the screenshots. I usually use the software in my mother tounge german of course.

DeeplinkHow to upload files

There are two areas side by side in the lower area of the window. The left pane displays the contents of your computer and on the right you can see the view on the server – if you have established a connection to the server.

Now simply navigate to the directory where the files are located which you want to have transferred onto the server.

Filezilla Client

After that select the files that should be transferred. It can be managed easily using the mouse like in other file managers. The upload itself can easily be done using »drag'n'drop« or by using the context menue after a right-click like shown on the screenshot:

Filezilla Client

If you start the process you can see the status of the transfer on the bottom window of the Filezilla client. If all files have been transferred, they appear in the right pane. If any error has occured, you will see it in the lower part of the window. It is very simple to transferring large files.

DeeplinkWhat is the advantage using ftp?

FTP is the abbreviation for »file transfer protocol«. As the name might suggest, it is the protocol that was created for the transmission of large amounts of data on computer networks like the internet.

Compared with the file transfer via instant messengers, ftp offers the advantage that the other side (the server on the Web) can be accessed with maximum speed of your upload. If an instant messenger is being used, the speed is limitied to the downstream of the for the recipient. That is usually much slower than the upstream of the transmitter.

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